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Professional Bed Bug ExterminatorsBed bugs are tiny insects that are less than half a centimeter long. They can live up to four years and generally make their homes in beds and furniture. Most bed bugs are red, brown, or clear. They are tiny oval shaped insects, without wings. Bed bugs survive by consuming human blood and they breed quickly. So, it makes sense to get these blood-suckers out of your home as soon as you find them.

If you notice red spots on your skin after lying in bed, you should call our experts for complete home inspection. At Haldimand Pest Control, our experienced exterminators know exactly where to look and use a wide array of tools to assist them with this process. Following an inspection, we determine the type of bed bugs, maturation phase (adults, nymphs, egg larva) and the level of infestation.

Infestation Levels

  • Low Infestation: 1-20 live bugs
  • Moderate Infestation: 20-99 live bugs
  • High Infestation: 100+ live bugs.

The level of infestation help us determine the cost of treatment and recommended approach.

Bed Bug Solutions You Can Count On

Unfortunately, bed bugs are really hard to find and eradicate and might need more than one treatment, depending upon the infestation level. Our trained bed bug exterminators in Caledonia, Hagersville and Cayuga use the latest techniques and products to make sure the job is completed efficiently and effectively. Bed bugs have become resistant to many previous methods for control and now people must rely on professional solutions to get the job done.

Our Haldimand Pest Control company provides a wide range of bed bug elimination treatments such as heat, steam and conventional methods. We will evaluate your property and suggest the ideal method for your particular situation.

Our professionals generally use the most effective method i.e. heat treatment. It is the best and most effective method to kill both bed bugs and their eggs. We will walk you through the entire process and prevent these pesky pests without harming the environment or the health of you and your family.

What Makes Us The Best?

  • Professional & Experienced Pest Technicians
  • Reliable Services with Quick Response Times
  • Emergency Pest Services
  • Custom-Tailored Pest Treatments
  • Variety of Pest Management Plans
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  • Competitive Rates
  • Latest & Greatest Extermination Techniques & Solutions

Want to get rid of bed bugs? Our local exterminator service is ready to help you.

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